My 1st job.

One of the dilemmas of a fresh graduate is getting a job.

Right after my OJT, I worked as a Researcher in my school. Me and my college buddy,
Lemuel Banal, were recruited by our professor being the Director in Research and Development.

Since I still need to pass my board exam for Aero Engineering, my dad forbid me to work in Airline companies so as to focus on my review. So, being a researcher is a good sideline. Work on weekdays, review class on weekends.

Getting the job.

Lem and I were active in student organizations during our college days/ Him being the Editor-in-Chief of the AERONAUTICA Student publication, and the President of the student chapter of our professional organization, SAEP. I, on the other hand is the Associate Editor, and the President of the Aero Department for 2 years.

Lem, after getting bored with his OJT at A+ (maintenance company of Cebu Pacific) stationed at NAIA Terminal 3 working night shifts while maintaining A320’s, he applied as an Instructor. During his demo, he was questioned by one of the deans regarding his eligibility since he still doesn’t have a professional engineering license.

But it seems our professor, Dr Jay Jack Manzano, an Aero Engineer himself, needs more help from competent staff. He, not only the R&D Director but also the Director for Institutional Development & Planning, Extension Services, and Alumni Affairs. Its four positions in one person, talk about multi-tasking!

And so he called his best students (ehem) to work for him.

The job.

Our boss, tasked us to lead two major projects. I am to plan the Alumni Grand Alumni Homecoming, while Lem is to lead the Rocket Research project.

We started the rocket design during our 5th year in college on our Rocket Propulsion subject, which we weren’t able to finish because of the busyness in Aircraft Design, our major subject which caused us sleepless nights and days of no eating and bathing. It was carried on to the present 5th year students but are also having the same difficulties we had.

The rocket project entitled, “Propellant and Projectiles Development Program,” is being detailed and document on a blog site:

Being also a part of the Alumni Office, I am able to address the problems of the graduating class (Yearbook and Pictures), as the secretary of the graduating class.


As a minimum-wager (with an monthly allowance greater than my pay), this job is not bad at all.
If one takes the researcher job seriously, one can grow intellectually in the different fields of engineering science and mathematics. One can also learn the methods in public administration.

Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhilSCA) is a young school that is still developing and needs much improvement. Taking this job is one of the many ways one can give something back to the college. Noble and humble.


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